UX and CX, So What’s the Difference?

a.k.a. CX, moving beyond UX into the full Customer Experience User Experience (UX) and Customer Experience (CX), at a glance, might seem like the same thing. A user is a customer, and a customer is a user, right? It's true, they are, but there's a deeper strategic definition we consider in the marketing agency world. [...]

Consider the Chain – It’s not always the weakest link…

... but how you support and use the chain. Recently I attended a PMP workshop, and while going through the usual refresher items, the old 'chain is as strong as it's weakest link' analogy come up. That analogy just doesn't do it for me anymore. We can do better with that analogy can't we? Thought [...]

Traits of Effective Communication

Sometimes, keeping it simple is the key. Even when writing thoughts in an article, the point can come across well without going through paragraphs of explanation. Let's give it a go...... Recently, I've committed myself to improving my communication abilities. How can I communicate more efficiently and ensure the point is clear without misunderstanding? Those [...]

Little Things Count (Big Time!)

As leaders of teams, of various disciplines and responsibilities, how do we keep people positively motivated on an individual basis? I have read some pretty detailed articles on methods for coordinated group motivation, and one to one closed door meetings to speak about individual goals. Which are fine in their own way, but to me [...]

Think First – Design Second

I've come across this more times than I wish I had. Company X's website and online marketing assets (banners, email communications, supporting landing pages and targeted messaging) look amazing / stunning / beautiful.... incredible eye candy. But it's performing horribly with user dropoffs and poor conversions which ultimately lead to less traffic (people aren't coming [...]

Connecting with your audience (your ultimate customer)

There's an ongoing story, that needs to continually evolve as it builds new relationships while fortifying existing ones. If you're not monitoring and adapting your story with ongoing engagement, then you've likely become complacent, which is the enemy of continual success with the customer relationship. How do we avoid complacency? Drop me a note, let's [...]