Leadership Actions, Making Differences

Dave BarbellaArticle


Continuing the message of servant leadership, we’ve previously touched on:

  • Effectiveness
  • Continuous improvement starting with removing waste and impediments that keep our teams from doing what they do best
  • A reminder that as leaders we are here for our team (not the other way around)
  • And, as leaders, we are as much the student as we are the coach, with the ongoing mindset to Look, Listen, Learn, and Adapt

Let’s remind ourselves that we are “more than our title”.

Put title (and let’s be honest… ego) aside.
The actions that we take every day to set the stage for our teams, and continuously work to make it better (innovate and evolve) will make the difference that defines us. When we help our teams to win, by enabling them to do what they do best, we all win (from individual team member success, through all things driving overall business success).

That…. defines us as a leader (not the title on our business card).

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