Partners (thinking beyond Leadership) Help Each Other

Dave BarbellaArticle


Unique, challenging, and surreal times at the writing of this post.
While the world wakes each day to experience a new and evolving way of living, working, interacting, and engaging… we find ourselves with a common truth:

Beyond the previous messages of leadership, coaching, guidance, and (as leaders) doing our best to enable those around us to be their best; It’s not just leadership for us to look to, but to each other. Everyone, regardless of their position, title, experience, goals, and dreams, has it within them to (in some way) to lend support to their friends and colleagues.

In today’s message, we’re thinking beyond relationship building. We are building camaraderie and a sense of unity.

Reach out, make connections, foster introductions, grow your network by helping others grow theirs.
What comes out of this (not really new, but now highlighted) way of thinking, where camaraderie mixed with great talent partners together to innovate an exciting and adventurous future.

My door is always open, come in anytime and make yourself comfortable.