Sometimes, keeping it simple is the key.

Even when writing thoughts in an article, the point can come across well without going through paragraphs of explanation.

Let’s give it a go……

Recently, I’ve committed myself to improving my communication abilities. How can I communicate more efficiently and ensure the point is clear without misunderstanding? Those of us who partner and connect with remote groups on a daily basis, know the challenges of good communication (when not in the same room). So to better myself, these are the things I need to consider:

Am I / Do I

  • Able to present ideas and provide information with clarity.
  • Able to instill trust and believability.
  • Know how to plan communications and consider impact.
  • Know how to listen and test for understanding.
  • Able to elicit and handle feedback well (create a dialogue, not a monologue).
  • Recognize and distinguish between facts and interpretations.
  • Check for assumptions and verify what recipient “think they have heard” (paraphrased responses).
  • Understand miscommunications rather than to blame.

A hand full of points, each with a profound impact.

Thoughts to consider…. sure couldn’t hurt.