Partners (thinking beyond Leadership) Help Each Other

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Unique, challenging, and surreal times at the writing of this post. While the world wakes each day to experience a new and evolving way of living, working, interacting, and engaging… we find ourselves with a common truth: Beyond the previous messages of leadership, coaching, guidance, and (as leaders) doing our best to enable those around us to be their best; … Read More

Nurture Your Team, and Help Them Grow

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We can’t underestimate the value of continuously investing ourselves in our teams (individuals and as a whole). Our time, experience, guidance, encouragement, motivation, and a shoulder to lean on when needed…. will foster the next leaders. Then, we all grow and succeed together. #Leadership #Servanteadership #Agileeadership #eadWithEmpathy #FosterOurFuture

Leadership Actions, Making Differences

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Continuing the message of servant leadership, we’ve previously touched on: Effectiveness Continuous improvement starting with removing waste and impediments that keep our teams from doing what they do best A reminder that as leaders we are here for our team (not the other way around) And, as leaders, we are as much the student as we are the coach, with … Read More

Leadership – Learn and Adapt

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Doubling up on the message. Effective leadership is about partnering with your teams, removing roadblocks, and guiding them so they can be the best at what they do. That’s the coach in us. That’s not enough though… We’ll fail the team we work for if we aren’t engaged and adapting as needed. Be it the workplace, marketplace, or your personal space… … Read More

Leaders Work for the Team

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To support our teams via servant leadership, we clearly communicate, provide the best environment, and remove obstacles to let our teams do what they do best….. we let them shine and celebrate how brightly. With ongoing personal engagement, we continually nurture, guide, and improve together because of no matter how brightly we shine as a team, we continue to get … Read More

Continuous Improvement – Where to Start

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With lean thinking, we’re always looking for continuous improvement in all areas. People (including ourselves), process, partners, tools, and overall environment. Anything that takes time, effort, resources, or holds unnecessary complexity without adding legitimate value, is waste. Understanding the current state of “X”, identifying these things, and taking action to clear the path of waste, is such an effective mindset … Read More

Efficiency and Effectiveness

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Getting things done = effective progress and growth, only by ensuring that the strategic goals of a company drive progress and action at every level within. It’s so important to eliminate the waste which comes from inconsistent priorities, direction, and poor communication. #BeEffective #StayOnTrack #HoshinKanri #KeepinItLean

UX and CX, So What’s the Difference?

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a.k.a. CX, moving beyond UX into the full Customer Experience User Experience (UX) and Customer Experience (CX), at a glance, might seem like the same thing. A user is a customer, and a customer is a user, right? It’s true, they are, but there’s a deeper strategic definition we consider in the marketing agency world. It’s about understanding both the … Read More

Consider the Chain – It’s not the weakest link…

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… but how you support and use the chain. Recently I attended a PMP workshop, and while going through the usual refresher items, the old ‘chain is as strong as it’s weakest link’ analogy come up. That analogy just doesn’t do it for me anymore. We can do better with that analogy can’t we? Thought about it carefully and found … Read More

Traits of Effective Communication

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Sometimes, keeping it simple is the key. Even when writing thoughts in an article, the point can come across well without going through paragraphs of explanation. Let’s give it a go…… Recently, I’ve committed myself to improving my communication abilities. How can I communicate more efficiently and ensure the point is clear without misunderstanding? Those of us who partner and … Read More